jueves, 15 de abril de 2010

Real Madrid Club de Futbol

Is a professional association football club based in Madrid, Spain and is Founded in 1902, Real Madrid has spent its entire history in the top flight of Spanish football.and also It is the most successful team in Spanish football and was voted by FIFA as the most successful club of the 20th century. having won a record thirty-one La Liga titles, seventeen Spanish Cups, a record nine European Cups and two UEFA Cups.

The Real Madrid play in the Stadium “Santiago Bernabeu “located in the Chamartín district of Madrid, Spain. It was inaugurated on 14 December 1947 and is owned by Real Madrid C.F. With a current capacity of 80,354 spectators, it was named as a UEFA Elite stadium in 2007. El Bernabéu, named after chairman Santiago Bernabéu Yeste, is one of the world's most famous and prestigious football venues. It hosted the European Cup final three times, in 1957, 1969 and 1980, and is scheduled to host the UEFA Champions League 2010 final.[3] The finals for the 1964 European Nations' Cup and the 1982 World Cup have also been held at the Bernabéu.

The Equipment of the Real Madrid at home it’s a traditional white and the visitor equipment it’s a dark blue and has sponsor and is bwin.com. and they also have the shield of the team in the left side and the logo of the stadium Santiago Bernabeu in the right side.

The Real Madrid have some long-standing rivalries with other clubs like “Atletico de Madrid” and the “FC Barcelona” known like “Derby Madrileño” and “El Clasico”. The rivalry with Barcelona projects what some regard as the political tensions felt between Castilians and Catalans. From the early days of football in Spain the two clubs were seen as representatives of the Spanish State and Catalonia, as well as the two cities themselves which have moved in different directions culturally speaking and for another side The club's nearest neighbour is “Atlético Madrid”, a rivality feeling is shared between fans of both football teams. Although Atlético was originally founded by three Basque students in 1903, it was joined in 1904 by dissident members of Madrid FC. Further tensions came because initially Real supporters came from the middle class while the Atlético supporters were drawn from the working class. Today these distinctions are largely blurred. They met for the first time on 21 February 1929 in matchday three of the first League Championship at the former Chamartín. It was the first official derby of the new tournament, and Real won 2–1.The rivalry first gained international attention in 1959 during the European Cup when the two clubs met in the semi-final.

In conclusion the Real Madrid Club de Futbol it’s one of the must important soccer teams in the world with millions of fans and many titles. They also have a important rivalries with another clubs and in addition they have a important history and tradition

My experience in English 8

In this period Enero2010-April 2010 I have studied the matter and Writing English Writing with Professor Doris Molero in which we worked on the manner in which the structure of a paragraph and tools to write on any subject of our interest, as well as We performed descriptive texts realizing that each subject has its special or unique words to be described in a universal language so important as is the English. In this way we learned to use connectors such as: Also, Addition, Another reason. We have also learned to understand which parts of a paragraph which should include Topic Sentence Concluding sentence Supporting sentences to develop a main idea

In conclusion we can say that this course was short but very helpful to learn how to develop writing skills and present more accurate and logical future develop paragraphs in this language

jueves, 8 de abril de 2010

I. Is exciting.

A) involved 32 different world slecciones distributed:
• 13 for Europe,
• 4 and half for South American,
• 4 and half for Asia,
• 3 and half for central America,
• 1 and half for Oceania.
- Each selection to be in the world must pass a qualifying stage.

B) Meet the world´s best
- each selection leads the best representatives from their country

C) It is played 64 games
- Crossing group
- end-stage direct confrontations.
II. Is a tradition
A) occurs once every 4 years
- have played 18 editions
- have played in 15 different venues.

B) Tradition equipment
• Brazil
• Argentina
• Germany
• Italy


It is the most exciting tournament in world sport that catches the attention of people of all races and cultures of the world in which 32 teams participating, representing their respective countries in which quotas are distributed as follows:
13 for Europe,
4 and half for South American,
4 and half for Asia,
3 and half for central America,
1 and half for Oceania.
These quotas will be shared and defined by direct confrontations between 2 teams from different continents involved.
For these selections quotas each country must go through a difficult qualifying stage against teams of their own continent that develops in the intervals between one world and one.
otherwise meet the best players in the world to represent their country and defend the honor them with a single objective which is to be the country winner of this prestigious tournament, over the tournament's history have stood the best world players such as Pele, Maradona, Zidane, Ronaldo, Van Basten, to name a few
64 matches are played in a month of total football where 32 teams are divided into 8 groups through a lottery, each group having 2 to pass classified round, and began a direct confrontation that could lead to game winners the quarterfinals, then semifinals and finally let the glory of the winning team from each of these crossings
The Fifa World Cup besides being the most prestigious and exciting tournament in the world is one that has more tradition carried out once every 4 years and a clear example of this are the 18 issues that have played the same and being only interrupted this interval of 4 years by the World War. Besides having played 18 editions this has been done in 15 different venues and the 19th edition which will take place this year 2010 will be held in South Africa is the seat number 16 of this prestigious tournament
Also this tournament has teams of great tradition as are the most winning of all that is Brazil with 5 editions conquered the last of them in the 2002 finals in Korea and Japan, it is worth noting that Brazil has participated in each of all 18 editions of this tournament and next will be no exception, another example of traditional teams in the world is Italy with 4 victories, Germany 3 and the eternal rival of the brazilian Argentina team with 2 victories

In conclusion we can say that FIFA World Cup is a prestigious tournament that draws the attention of millions of people with a great story full of emotions and great champions filled with tradition and is looking forward to the nineteenth edition to be played in South Africa in this 2010 hoping that this is full of strong emotions as its previous editions

domingo, 21 de marzo de 2010

Environmental Issues

Environmental Issues are a actually problem of our society in Venezuela we have many of this troubles like Atmospheric pollution due to the growth of the self-propelled park and the lack(mistake) of maintenance of particular vehicles and of public transport and manipulation of undone and contamination of Soils, water, plants, thanks of the use of pesticides. The most important Consequences in Maracaibo of these environmental issues are the contamination of the lake with lemna and the disappears of Beam of the catatumbo

The most important Environmental Issue is the global
Warming and this situation are consequences of the Greenhouse effect a cause of gases like “CO2” Generated of the human’s activities. This global warming generates changes in the clime, Ecosystems, agriculture and the flora and the fauna. We have to reduce these gases Greenhouses and to that we can ration the use of water and electricity and to sow trees

jueves, 11 de marzo de 2010

Date of disaster:
December 26, 2004

Type of Disaster:
Undersea megathrust earthquake

Description of Disaster:
On december 26, 2004 an undersea megathrust earthquake occurred at 00:58:53 UTC , with an epicentre off the west coast of Sumatra, Indonesia. The quake itself is known by the scientific community as the Sumatra-Andaman earthquake. This earthquake resulted in a tsunami wich is usually refered to as the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, Asian Tsunami, Indonesian Tsunami, and Boxing Day Tsunami.

Visuals of the Disaster:

According to the U.S. Geological Survey a total of 227,898 people died . Measured in lives lost, this is one of the ten worst earthquakes in recorded history, as well as the single worst tsunami in history.
The tsunami caused serious damage and deaths as far as the east coast of Africa, with the furthest recorded death due to the tsunami occurring at Rooi Els in South Africa, 8,000 km away from the epicentre. In total, eight people in South Africa died due to abnormally high sea levels and waves.

Relief agencies report that one-third of the dead appear to be children. This is a result of the high proportion of children in the populations of many of the affected regions and because children were the least able to resist being overcome by the surging waters. Oxfam went on to report that as many as four times more women than men were killed in some regions because they were waiting on the beach for the fishermen to return and looking after their children in the houses.

In addition to the large number of local residents, up to 9,000 foreign tourists enjoying the peak holiday travel season were among the dead or missing, especially people from the Nordic countries.

States of emergency were declared in Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and the Maldives. The United Nations estimated at the outset that the relief operation (which is presently still underway) would be the costliest in human history. UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan has stated that reconstruction would probably take between five and ten years. Governments and non-governmental organisations fear the final death toll may double as a result of diseases, prompting a massive humanitarian response.

jueves, 4 de marzo de 2010


Smartphones: Advantages and Disadvantage

Nowadays Smartphones are one of the most popular forms of communication all over the world, they have many advantages; first of all they are multifunctional, in addition they are quick to communicate with, and finally they make it very easy to stay in touch. They are Multifunctional because they are phones and ambulant personal computers. Also they are quick because you can communicate in seconds with everybody, and also you can send important information and documents in seconds in any place… They make it very easy to stay in touch because you can write to friends easily and start a communication with them at any moment.

On the other hand, despite being very helpful and full of advantages, the smartphones also have some disadvantages, like they are expensive, another reason is, they can be complicated and finally, they are less personal. They aren’t cheap because the equipment required is expensive and the service in Latin America is expensive too. Also Smartphones are complicated because sometimes they require programs that are difficult to learn and there maybe a need to download new programs in order to have a better performance; and finally they are less personal because you can’t see the persons face and their reactions or expressions when you are communicating with them