jueves, 4 de marzo de 2010

Smartphones: Advantages and Disadvantage

Nowadays Smartphones are one of the most popular forms of communication all over the world, they have many advantages; first of all they are multifunctional, in addition they are quick to communicate with, and finally they make it very easy to stay in touch. They are Multifunctional because they are phones and ambulant personal computers. Also they are quick because you can communicate in seconds with everybody, and also you can send important information and documents in seconds in any place… They make it very easy to stay in touch because you can write to friends easily and start a communication with them at any moment.

On the other hand, despite being very helpful and full of advantages, the smartphones also have some disadvantages, like they are expensive, another reason is, they can be complicated and finally, they are less personal. They aren’t cheap because the equipment required is expensive and the service in Latin America is expensive too. Also Smartphones are complicated because sometimes they require programs that are difficult to learn and there maybe a need to download new programs in order to have a better performance; and finally they are less personal because you can’t see the persons face and their reactions or expressions when you are communicating with them

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  1. As we move further into the future, we are becoming more and more mobile. That is why smartphones are leading the way as the mode of communication for the future. And because the operating systems can be upgraded, there is virtually no limit to how good these things can get.

    Samantha Cole

  2. so what are the advantages and disadvantages

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